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Table 1 PuPP intervention elements

From: Peri-operative nurses’ knowledge and reported practice of pressure injury risk assessment and prevention: A before-after intervention study

Intervention Contents
30-minute audio-visual presentation outlining pressure injury: a. Aetiology
  b. Staging
  c. Risk factors for peri-operative patients
  d. Risk assessment & documentation requirements
  e. Peri-operative pressure prevention strategies
  f. Evidence based resources, policies & guidelines
Resource folder and companion CD: a. Slides from presentation
  b. Evidence-based references
  c. Current policies and guidelines
Reminders a. Verbal reminders of audio-visual presentation key points provided at staff meetings
  b. Visual reminders of audio-visual presentation key points provided by four series of colour posters on prominent display throughout the operating suite over 8 weeks between survey periods (nb: a new series of four posters displayed every 2 weeks) addressing:
  - The importance of a preoperative risk assessment score;
  - Recommended pressure prevention devices;
  - Alerts regarding non-recommended pressure prevention devices;
  - Intraoperative documentation requirements