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Table 3 Patterns and subcategories of formal implementation of case studies in didactic nursing courses

From: Implementation of case studies in undergraduate didactic nursing courses: a qualitative study

Pedagogy Patterns
Formal Implementation (FI) Preplanned written format with due dates some completed as an individual project some as a group
Formal Implementation Inside the Classroom (FIIC) Case Presentations
Prearranged Classroom presentations
Group and Individual
Role Playing (Impromptu & Structured)
Student to Faculty
Student to Student
Case Study Day
No prior information – Group Processes
Problem based learning with structure
Faculty as facilitator
Formal Implementation Outside the Classroom (FIOC) Assigned Case Studies with due dates
Group and Individual projects
Summative and Formative evaluation
Discussion Board Case Studies
Monitored by Faculty
Template specific case study reviews
Concept Analysis
Student chooses patient from clinical
Structured assignment format with due dates