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Table 1 Example of structural analysis process

From: Work-aged stroke survivors’ psychosocial challenges narrated during and after participating in a dialogue-based psychosocial intervention: a feasibility study

Meaning unit Condensation Sub-theme Theme
Increased need for rest and sleep, lack of memory complicate caring for own family. His need is to resume activity, to suffice in caring for those he lives together with. A challenge to care for the family Unable to perform the caring role as before The threat of becoming marginalised in family life
Difficult to care for the family
Friends were making contact, but he was too exhausted for company. He missed the social life, but felt he had to manage organising his own life first. To participate in social gatherings is exhausting Falling out of extended family activities
Difficult to adapt to a life without working and that others told her that she not was able to return to work. Leave work involuntary Being forced to leave work The threat of becoming marginalised in work life
A meeting at the workplace changes her expectations. The employer tells her that she is fired and that she cannot come back to work. Fired   
Hopes to be full-time worker within the next six months. He is unsure of how he could manage return to ordinary work. The leadership position demands a lot of travelling. Challenging to return to ordinary work Struggling to meet work expectations