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Table 2 An example of the content analysis procedure, from meaning unit to theme

From: Barriers to and facilitators of nurse-parent interaction intended to promote healthy weight gain and prevent childhood obesity at Swedish child health centers

IP Meaning unit Code Subtheme Theme
2 “Because I think the BMI chart is a very good instrument to show the parents, that this is what it looks like.” BMI chart: a great tool to use and display BMI chart Assessment of the child’s weight status
2 “If you tell the parents that you do this with all children, no one needs to feel singled out, because I think it is important to not feel singled out.” Used for all: no one is singled out  
14 “Yeah, and then I am not the one who thought this up. It becomes clearer to the parents [to be shown on the BMI curve].” Not a subjective opinion by the nurse  
7 “I looked at both height and weight charts and the BMI chart, and I also showed both to the parents.” Uses both diagrams  
7 “It doesn’t take many minutes to show it to the parents (i.e., the BMI chart), and then you have done it.” Fast and easy  
14 “Well, you know, everyone can’t actually read. We have that problem. But a chart like this, they can understand that if I explain that there is the maximum and this is average and there is the minimum, and so on.” A very good tool, also for illiterate parents  
15 ‘I hardly do not use the BMI chart.’ Is hardly not used at all  
  1. BMI, body mass index; IP, interview person.