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Table 1 Analysis of case Mrs I: Relationship between family carer (FC) and person with dementia (PWD)

From: The influence of relationships on personhood in dementia care: a qualitative, hermeneutic study

VIPS - criteria Data
V aluing the person Expressed appreciation of what the PWD had meant to her and done for her through the years
  Spoke to the PWD in a respectful manner
I ndividualised care Gave individualised care and anticipated needs
  Paid attention to details that were important to the PWD
P erspective of PWD Tried to understand feelings and reactions
  Consulted her before making decisions and respected her values and preferences
S ocial environment Helped PWD to relate to significant others
  Arranged social gatherings and went on holidays together
  1. Conclusion: Close family bonds and person-centred care enhanced the personhood of the person with dementia.