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Table 2 Analysis of case Mrs I: Relationship between professional caregiver (PC) and person with dementia (PWD)

From: The influence of relationships on personhood in dementia care: a qualitative, hermeneutic study

VIPS - criteria Data
V aluing the person Had no biographical knowledge of the PWD
Treated the PWD with respect but the PC said that this was difficult at times. When she came to help the PWD in the mornings and found her lying fully dressed on her bed, she did not offer to help her shower. In her opinion this would have been disrespectful because it would have reflected that she did not believe the PWD when she said she was done showering.  
I ndividualised approach Focused on physical needs, gave individualised care
P erspective of the PWD PC had no knowledge of dementia and did not attempt to understand the subjective experience of the PWD
S ocial environment No time to consider psycho-social needs because of a heavy workload
Had only met FC twice in two years  
  No contact between PC in the home nursing services and staff at the day centre
  1. Conclusion: Unprofessional relationship. Although the PC individualised the physical care that was given, other elements (V, P and S) in person-centred care were overlooked and thus personhood was diminished.