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Table 2 An overview of the categories, sub-categories and examples of representative quotes

From: Experiences of person-centred care - patients’ perceptions: qualitative study

Category Sub-categories Quotes
Initiating the partnership: patient narratives Being listened to “They are more interested in me as a person, in the personal stuff you know. Not just the disease.”
Not being listened to “They just have to check the computer to get my whole life.”
Working the partnership: shared decision making Being invited and involved “When I found out that my diabetes, that the values were high you know … I’ve been very clear about that they should teach me before I go home.”
Not invited to be involved “It’s the senior physician who decides it…well I have that, so that… it’s only to listen and take it.”
Not being invited but wanting to be involved “So any discharge date hasn’t been planned for? No they haven’t done that you see, but…Personally, I do think that I may be a few more days”.
Not wanting to be involved “I’m completely new at this whereas they are specialised in it, of course, so it becomes easy to rely on them.”
Safeguarding the partnership: documenting the narrative “Yes, with the help of them, I can’t do it if I don’t have the documentation, hence that they have provided me with the tools in order to enable me to do so.