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Table 1 Inclusion criteria for study selection

From: Community health nurses’ learning needs in relation to the Canadian community health nursing standards of practice: results from a Canadian survey

Inclusion criteria
1. Gave permission to participate in research on their regulatory body’s registration forms
2. Worked for any of the following employers:
Mental health centre Educational institution
Community health centre Association/government
Community health agency Self-employed/independent practice
Community nursing clinic Extra-mural program
Home care agency Parish nursing
Public health unit/department Outpost/nursing station
Private nursing agency Indian Reserve
Visiting nursing agency First Nations and Inuit Health Branch
Nursing station (outpost or clinic) Armed forces
Physician’s office/family practice unit Addiction centre
Business/industry/occupational health Other community
3. Were French or English speaking
4. Credentialed as RNs, primary health care NPs, RN (extended class (EC), graduate nurses, and psychiatric nurses
5. Were employed full, part time, or on a casual basis