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Table 3 Evaluation of bedside handover from patients' perspectives – Results of semi-structured interviews with 40 patients

From: Managing change in the nursing handover from traditional to bedside handover – a case study from Mauritius

1. Do the outgoing and incoming nurse come to your bedside to handover in the morning and in the evening during the change of shifts? 95% – yes
2. How do you feel about their presence at your bedside to discuss your care? 100% – ok and most of them said it was a good thing
3. Do the nurses involve you in your care planning? 80% – yes, 10% – to a certain extent, 10% not sure
4. Are you satisfied with the way information about your care is passed on and followed by the incoming nurses? 100% – no problem
5. How do you feel issues of confidentiality are handled? 100% – sensitively
6. Any other comments you would like to make to improve on shift handovers? 1) Satisfied – 100%
Other comments:
2) Doctors and other professionals to adopt this approach
3) Nurses should spend more time talking to them, not during the handover period only
4) Would like this to happen in all wards