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Table 1 Study selection criteria

From: The effects of long-term total parenteral nutrition on gut mucosal immunity in children with short bowel syndrome: a systematic review

Review Question:
To what extent does long-term TPN affect the intestinal immune system of infants who undergo bowel resection with no enteral nutritional support?
Population Were study patients pediatric age groups between newborn to 17 years old?
Did study patients have intestinal resection prior to TPN given?
Did study patients have documented bacterial infection after TPN started?
Did study patients have documented impaired mucosal immunity after TPN started?
Study Intervention Did at least one study group received Intravenous (IV-TPN?
Did study group received IV-TPN more than10 days?
Control Intervention Did one study group receive enteral feeding, but no IV-TPN?
Outcomes Was one of the measured outcomes documented as bacterial translocation, villi atrophy, impaired immuno-function, and death?
  1. Note. Modified Table from "Selecting and appraising studies for systematic review," by M. O. Meade and
  2. W. S. Richardson, 1997, Annals of internal medicine, 127 (7), p. 531-537 [86]. Copyright 2002 by the American College of Physicians-American Society of Internal Medicine. Adapted with permission.