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Table 1 Standardized factor loadings and measurement error variances for the measurement model predicting caregiver stress

From: The relationships between depression and other outcomes of chronic illness caregiving

Latent variable Indicators Factor loading (Measurement error)
Hours of care Hours of care 1.00a (.00)b
Stressful life events Number of stressful life events 1.00a (.00)b
Social support Friend/relatives positive support 1.00a (.00)b
Age Age 1.00a (.00)b
Gender Gender 1.00a (.00)b
Perceived stress Perceived caregiver stress 1.00a (.00)b
Depression CES-D Depressed & positive mood .75a (.44)
  CES-D Somatic symptoms .74 (.45)
  CES-D Interpersonal .39 (.84)
Physical function Functional health .55a (.70)
  Numbers of chronic illness .65 (.57)
  Self-rated health .77 (.41)
Self-esteem Self esteem/mastery index 1.00a (.00)b
Marital satisfaction Marital satisfaction index 1.00a (.00)b
  1. Factors and measurement errors were from the completely standardized solution. All factor loadings and measurement errors were significant at .01 level in the preliminary measurement model.
  2. a Parameter was fixed to 1.0 in the unstandardized solution.
  3. b Parameter was fixed to 0 in the unstandardized solution.