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Table 3 Students perceptions of the impact on their practice of RLO learning in pharmacology.

From: Pharmacology education for nurse prescribing students – a lesson in reusable learning objects

Question 1 Do you recall/Did you use the RLOs that supported the course/Did you have any problems accessing them?
Question 2 What properties of the RLOs helped your learning? (prompt media components. Verbal, visual, diagrams, animations .....)
Question 3 Have you used the RLOs again? (when, how often ...?)
Question 4 Have they had any impact on your practice?
Question 5 Do you see any value in this method of teaching pharmacology?
Question 6 Have you used other RLOs?
Question 7 Have you recommended the RLOs to others?
Question 8 Would you like to see more developed? What topics would you like to see developed as RLOs?
Question 9 Do you have any suggestions for improvements of the RLOs
Question 10 Do you feel confident in your understanding of the pharmacology of the drugs you prescribe?
Question 11 What is your highest biological science qualification?
  1. Questions explored in the telephone interviews of nurse prescribing students one year after completing the course.