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Table 4 Opinions expressed in focus groups and interviews

From: Older cancer patients' information and support needs surrounding treatment: An evaluation through the eyes of patients, relatives and professionals

  Patients focus groups Patients interviews Professionals focus groups
Differences between older and younger patients    
Individual variance, apart from age differences - x x
Older patients have more difficulty processing information x - x
Older patients have more life experience and different expectations about the future x - x
The difference in life expectations has its impact on the decision to undergo a treatment or not - - x
Older patients are more vulnerable (co morbidity) and have more resistance to ask for assistance: they need guidance in asking for and receiving help x - x
Needs of older cancer patients    
Concrete information about their disease and treatment x x x
Exploring the patient's personal situation x x x
Exploring information needs of patient and relative x x -
Tailor information to the patient's specific needs and situation x x x
Preferences of timing of providing the information differs among patients x - -
Empathy, support and reassurance, for both patient and relative x x -
Exploring patient's expectations or ideas about chemotherapy treatment - - x
Exploring patient's goals of undergoing treatment x x x
Engage both patient and relative actively in patient education x - -
Encourage patient and relative to ask questions x - x
Communication training for nurses to tailor to patients' needs x x x
Follow-up training, in which learning in practice is the key ingredient. - - x
Enhancing recall of information    
Bring a (younger) person x x x
Check: does patient understand the information? x x x
Set priorities and offer information in a structured manner x - x
Spread information over time (piece by piece) x - x
Speak in clear language/avoid jargon x - -
Summarize most important information x - x
Combine different methods of offering information - x x
Use question prompt list x - x
  1. Note. x = opinion is expressed by participants