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Table 1 Selection criteria for recruiting generalist community nursing services to participate in the trial

From: An efficacy trial of brief lifestyle intervention delivered by generalist community nurses (CN SNAP trial)

Types Selection Criteria
Inclusion Criteria The team deliver GCN services to clients between 30 and 80 years of age The team is able to recruit sufficient numbers of eligible clients into the study in a given recruitment period (based on trial sample size calculation). The individual clinicians are interested in participating and commit to undertaking training and intervention Willingness of the service to accommodate a recruitment officer to work on site to identify and contact potentially eligible clients from client referrals. Willingness of the service to review and modify service assessment protocols to include standard tools for identification SNAP risk factors (if not already included). The team/services has the capacity to participate in SNAP training The team/service has the capacity to deliver SNAP intervention to a given number of clients in a given intervention period. The team/service is broadly representative of community nursing services statewide (choosing 'typical service(s)'). Willingness of the service to participate in project management meetings with study management team body to support the trial implementation (eg service manager and AHS project/recruitment officer).
Exclusion Criteria: Teams/services undergoing concurrent changes in management, structure or service deliver that would impact on capacity to be involved in the trial. Involvement in other service development activities that may contaminant trial activities (eg concurrently delivering self management program for clients).