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Table 1 Definitions of evaluation criteria

From: Empowerment model for nurse leaders’ participation in health policy development: an east African perspective

Importance: Relates to the quality of having significance to the profession; acceptance by competent professionals may be indicative of importance [22, 25].
Precision and clarity: Relates to being clear and whether the areas discussed in the model are consistent; this further relates to whether the descriptions of the assumptions, concepts and principles are clearly formulated [2325].
Parsimony and simplicity: Signify being simple and uncomplicated [25].
Comprehensiveness: Relates to covering the broad and substantive areas of Interest [25].
Operationality: Relates to being specific enough to be testable and measurable [25].
Logical structure: Relates to the degree with which the visual diagram represents and simplifies the understanding of the theory [23].
Validity: Relates to being valid and offering an accurate representation of the study conducted [25].
Practicality: Relates to providing a conceptual framework for practice, education and research and being of use to the profession [24, 25].
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