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Table 3 Process evaluation data sources, types and frequency of collection

From: British Columbia Healthy Connections Project process evaluation: a mixed methods protocol to describe the implementation and delivery of the Nurse-Family Partnership in Canada

Qualitative Data Quantitative Data
Data source Data type Frequency Data type Frequency
PHNs (Basic PE) 1:1 telephone interviews Every 6 months • NFP program fidelity data Quarterly
PHNs (Expanded PE) • Focus groups (5 per data collection period) Every 6 months • Stage of pregnancy (enrolment)
• PHNs unable to attend focus group will complete a 1:1 telephone interview   • % of PHN time spent on home visit domains
• # home visits
Supervisors 1:1 telephone interviews Every 6 months Supervision records Completed monthly aggregated every 6 months
Managers 1:1 telephone interviews Every 12 months   
Field notes Observations Ongoing   
Document Team meeting, case conference summary forms Completed monthly; aggregated every 6 months