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Table 1 Interview Questions

From: Haemodialysis work environment contributors to job satisfaction and stress: a sequential mixed methods study

•Can you tell me how long you have been working as a haemodialysis nurse and why you have come to be working in haemodialysis?
•What is it about being a haemodialysis nurse that gives you the most satisfaction? Why?
•Think back over your time in haemodialysis, what has satisfied you the most?
•What is it that you actually do during a shift that gives you satisfaction?
•What do you find least satisfying about your job? Why?
Work Environment
•How does the work environment contribute to job satisfaction
•Does regular, ongoing contact with patients contribute to satisfaction or is it stressful? Why?
•How does the dialysis work environment contribute to job stress for you?
•Can you tell me about stressors that you experience in the haemodialysis unit?
•Have you found it more or less stressful the longer you have stayed working as a haemodialysis nurse? Why?
•I found in the first phase of this research that coping with death and dying was a stressor, how do you cope when a patient deteriorates and dies?
•During the first phase we found that haemodialysis nurses had a high level of burnout? Why do you think this would be the case from your perspective?
•During the first phase we found that nurses working in in-center dialysis units had higher levels of burnout compared to those who work in satellite and home haemodialysis, why do you think this might be from your point of view?
•Have you come close to resigning or leaving the haemodialysis unit? Why have you decided to stay or go?
•What do you believe would improve your workplace for haemodialysis nurses?