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Table 1 Example of the analysis process

From: Confirming mental health care in acute psychiatric wards, as narrated by persons experiencing psychotic illness: an interview study

Meaning unit Condensed meaning unit Subcategory Category
The physician asked repeatedly if I accepted the treatment, as if to persuade me and I got stressed. (..) I said no, because I thought this treatment could be a danger to my body. When the nurse heard this, she said, “This is not the way it should be – I will talk with the Physician A”. Then, A stopped (…) The participant talks about being supported and respected by the nurse and the physician. Being in relationships with nurses and physicians Being confirmed as a person experiencing psychotic illness in need of decreased psychotic symptoms
We talk about the psychosis and how it was when I injured myself. We talk about what happened before and put labels on a board to look at it. In this way, it gets easier for me and for them to understand (4). The participant described how she and the nurse/physician can discuss symptoms to understand how she experiences them. Being in discussion with nurses and physicians
  1. The example of the analysis may seem linear from meaning units to categories. Note that in the analysis, each category implies several subcategories, and each subcategory implies several condensed meaning units