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Table 2 Overview of the findings

From: Patients’ confidence in coping with arthritis after nurse-led education; a qualitative study

Research question How do patients with arthritis perceive to cope with their arthritis after participating in patient education?
Theme Strengthened confidence “It [the sessions] was filled with a sense of belonging or connectedness. You have to know everything, things that were normal. You did not feel that you were the only one who felt it like this. [The interviewer]: Did it make you feel safer or more relaxed?
I: Yes, it really did.
(Female, UA for seven years)
Categories Coping with disease fluctuations “It felt good. I got confirmation about what I had thought and what I have been feeling, especially with the fatigue….Now I knew that this lack of energy is kind of a “side effect” of having arthritis”.
(Male, PsA for 15 years)
Changed health behaviors “Yes, I have made changes. I have changed my diet. It is better now because we eat more vegetables”.
(Female, RA for seven years)
Knowledge about medications I always heard that it [cortizone] was dangerous. Especially from our family doctor; he was totally against it. I heard many horror stories. It was very informative and instructive to learn that it was not always that dangerous”.
(Female, PsA for 12 years)
  1. UA Unspecified arthritis, PsA Psoriatic arthritis, RA Rheumatoid arthritis