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Table 2 Theme-based interview guide

From: Ambiguous participation in older hospitalized patients: gaining influence through active and passive approaches-a qualitative study

Health and life situation Can you tell me something about your own needs and wishes for your treatment here?
Is there any information about yourself and your situation that you think it is important you tell the nurses and the staff about?
What do you consider to be your own resources?
Experience of participation and interaction How do you feel that the nurses and the staff relate to you?
Does anybody ask what you want and need?
Have you ever participated in and influenced your own treatment?
Can tell me about a situation where you contributed to a decision being made about what should happen?
What influence did you have in that situation?
Did anybody ask about your knowledge and experience?
Would you like something to be different?
Own objectives What is important to you here at the hospital?
What is important to you in planning for your discharge?
Are you being asked what your wishes and objectives are?
Can you give an example of having discussed your situation with the nurses and the staff?