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Table 1 Training in Motivational Interviewing received by FNP teams during the Building Blocks trial

From: Motivational interviewing competencies among UK family nurse partnership nurses: a process evaluation component of the building blocks trial

Initial training in MI:
A two- day workshop covering the core principles and skills of MI using presentation, role play and skills practice including asking open questions, affirmations, reflective listening, summarising, agenda setting and planning for change.
Supervisor training:
Two days training on incorporating MI skills into their supervisory practice and to develop the supervisors’ skills and confidence to lead the post-workshop skills development sessions. Focus on collaboration, evocation, autonomy support, elicit-provide-elicit, using role play of small group practice.
Post workshop:
•Four half-day team sessions once every 3 weeks for the nurses to consolidate their learning. Lead by supervisor with materials developed by workshop trainer. Mainly small group practice using real-life scenarios. Sessions content included i) relationship and agenda matching ii) ambivalence and goal setting iii) avoiding righting reflex iv) developing change talk and affirmations.
•Skills development day with the trainer to consolidate this learning.