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Table 1 Schedule of visits

From: ECAMulticapa: Effectiveness of double-layered compression therapy for healing venous ulcers in primary care: a Study Protocol

  Baseline visit Day 0 Visit 1 Day 1 Visit 2 Day 15 Visit 3 Day 30 Visit 4 Day 45 Visit 5 Day 60 Visit 6 Day 75 Visit 7 Day 90 End of follow-up
Verification of inclusion criteria x        
Patient has signed the informed consent x        
Randomisation x        
Intervention   x x x x x x x
Resverch assessment   x x x x x x x
CCVUQ-e questionnaire   x       x
Collecting data on adverse reactions    x x x x x x
Healing complete    x x x x x x
Sociodemographic variables x        
Prognostic variables   x       
Variables related to healing   x x x x x x x