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Table 1 Semi-structured interview domains and questions

From: Nurses’ perceptions of a pressure ulcer prevention care bundle: a qualitative descriptive study

Domain Example questions and prompts
1) Awareness of the INTACT trial and intervention • What was the purpose of the INTACT trial?
• What were the main messages you took from the INTACT trial?
2) Perceptions of the intervention • What was good/bad about the PUPCB?
•What did you think of the poster/brochure/DVD?
3) Perceived impact of the intervention • Were there any benefits or limitations for your unit being involved in the INTACT study? Why/why not?
• Were staff affected in any way? How?
4) Utility of the PUPCB in usual practice • Do you think this intervention/care bundle should be adopted by the ward for all patients at risk of PU? Why/why not?
• What barriers or enablers do you see for using this in practice?
  1. Note: Generic prompts included: ““Can you tell me more about this?”; “Can you explain this further / expand on this?” and “What do you mean when you say ____?”