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Table 3 Topic guide for interview and focus groups

From: School Nurses’ perspectives on the role of the school nurse in health education and health promotion in England: a qualitative study

Topic Guide  
1) Getting to know you and your role as a school nurse  
 Day to day work  
 Role of school nurse  
 Your role  
 Role changed  
 Biggest challenges  
 Specific guidance documents that influence your work  
2) Health education work  
 Health promotion responsibility in schools  
 School nurses and microbiology, hygiene, and infections  
 Your role in schools relating to health education and health promotion  
 Health education you provide  
 Assemblies, one on one, or in classroom  
 Joint teaching  
 Educational resources  
For those who do not provide education, why not?  
What do you do that we could help you with?  
Have you considered becoming involved in health promotion or education?  
Does your role change depending on the school you’re in?  
3) e-Bug, and what you and your schools need  
 e-Bug topics importance compared to other health protection/promotion activities and teaching  
 Impact of educating children about e-Bug topics  
 School specific needs for e-Bug topics  
 Deliver e-Bug resources  
 e-Bug and day-to-day work/workload  
 Health resources required  
 Tailor resources  
 e-Bug in different languages  
4) Closing questions  
 Any further questions