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Table 2 Nurse managers’ semi-structured interview: topics and items

From: Predictors of burnout, work engagement and nurse reported job outcomes and quality of care: a mixed method study

Topic Items
Last experience with perceived workload Describe the conditions?
  What was in your opinion the reasons that your staff nurses perceived workload? How did they cope?
  How did you have faced this situation and what were your particular actions?
Aspects that influence perceived workload What are the circumstances when your staff nurses experience workload?
  How does these circumstances occur?
  In your opinion what is the impact of staff nurses’ competence, nurse - patient ratios and patient acuity on perceive workload?
  In your opinion what is acceptable workload and what is not acceptable workload?
  In your opinion can you and how do you adjust situations when your staff nurses perceive workload?
Impact of workload What is the impact of workload on your staff nurses, physically and mentally?
  How do you deal with colleagues who experience difficulties with perceive workload?
  What is the impact on perceive workload on patients, patient care and safety?