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Table 3 Characteristics of study population and distribution of nurse reported job outcomes and nurse-reported quality of care (n = 751)

From: Predictors of burnout, work engagement and nurse reported job outcomes and quality of care: a mixed method study

Nurse Characteristics Mean SD
Age in years 38.3 11.0
Years in nursing 14.6 11.3
Years on present unit 9.1 8.6
  N %
Female 606 80.7
Baccalaureate degree in nursing or midwifery 611 81.3
Master degree in nursing and midwifery sciences 23 3.1
Working regime 50% or more of a full-time position 101 13.4
Working regime 75% or more of a full-time position 582 77.5
Outcome Variables N %
Dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with the current job 90 12
Intention to leave the current hospital within one year 44 5.9
Intention to leave nursing 69 9.2
The quality of care on the unit is fair or poor 107 13.2
The quality of care at the last shift is fair or poor 101 13.5
The quality of care in hospital the last year has deteriorated or definitely deteriorated 264 35.2