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Table 5 Observed (a) and latent variables (b) of the retested model (n = 751)

From: Predictors of burnout, work engagement and nurse reported job outcomes and quality of care: a mixed method study

Burnout: Loading model 1 Loading model 2
Emotional exhaustion (b) (Cronbach’s alpha:. 90)
1 I feel emotionally drained from my work (a). .86  
2 I feel used up at the end of the workday (a). .85  
14 I feel I’m working too hard on my job (a). .67  
Depersonalisation (b) (Cronbach’s alpha:. 66)
10 I’ve become more callous toward people since I took this job (a) .51  
11 I worry that this job hardening me emotionally (a) .73  
22 I feel patients blame me for some of their problems (a) 39  
Personal accomplishment (b) (Cronbach’s alpha: .69)
17 I can easily create a relaxed atmosphere with my patients (a). .60  
18 I feel exhilarated after working closely with my patients (a). .85  
19 I have accomplished many worthwhile things in this job (a). .67  
Work engagement:
Vigor (b) (Cronbach’s alpha: .86)
2 At my job, I feel strong and vigorous (a).   .82
5 When I get up in the morning, I feel like going to work (a). .82
Dedication (b): (Cronbach’s alpha: .82)
3 I am enthusiastic about my job (a).   .87
4 My job inspires me (a).   .73
Absorption (b) (Cronbach’s alpha:. 64)
6 I feel happy when I am working intensely (a)a.   .72
9 I am immersed in my work (a).   .60
Outcome variables
Job outcomes: (b) (Cronbach’s alpha: .32)b
1 Job satisfaction (a). .60 .64
2 Intention to stay in the hospital (a). .39 .37
3 Intention to stay in nursing (a). .28 .26
Nurse – assessed quality of care (b) (Cronbach’s alpha: .73)
1 At the current unit (a). .88 .88
2 At the last shift (a). .77 .77
3 In the hospital the last year (a). .49 .49
  1. aSuperior fit indices were established by replacing one item of the absorption dimension. bJob outcomes’ Cronbach’s alpha coefficient was in our studies low. Inter-item correlations, an alternative measurement technique assessing internal consistency [13], for the indicators of the job outcome dimension ranged from fair to moderate with values between .15 and .21 [47]