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Table 1 Examples of the 22 National Practice Standards for Nurses in General Practice within four domains [15]

From: Australia’s first transition to professional practice in primary care program for graduate registered nurses: a pilot study

Domain Example standards
Professional practice Standard 1: Demonstrates an understanding of primary health care principles and nursing in general practice.
Standard 2: Provides nursing care consistent with current nursing and general practice standards, guidelines, regulations and legislation.
Nursing care Standard 6: Demonstrates the knowledge and skills to provide safe, effective and evidence-based nursing care.
Standard 10: Understands diversity in the Practice community and facilitates a safe, respectful and inclusive environment.
General practice environment Standard 13: Demonstrates proficiency in the use of information technology, clinical software and decision support tools to underpin health care delivery.
Standard 16: Contributes to quality improvement and research activities to monitor and improve the standard of care provided in general practice.
Collaborative practice Standard 20: Builds and maintains professional and therapeutic relationships with consumers, their families and/or support person(s).
Standard 22: Liaises effectively with relevant agencies and health professionals to facilitate access to services and continuity of care.