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Table 1 Application of normalising process theory

From: Ground-up-top down: a mixed method action research study aimed at normalising research in practice for nurses and midwives

  Questions Desired outcome
Coherence - What is the nursing and midwifery research capacity?
- How is this evident in our organisation?
- What do we want to achieve and how can we go about it?
- What benefits will accrue in building research capacity amongst nurses and midwives?
- Shared goals
- Role identification
- Finding value
Cognitive participation - How do we get buy in from stakeholders?
- How do we reconstruct research as legitimate work for N&M in clinical practice environments?
- How do we sustain our efforts?
- How do we garner sponsorship, commitment, and resources from senior and executive level managers?.
- Working together
- Reorganisation of work patterns
- Legitimisation – defining actions
- Staying on the case
Collective action - How can we work together to achieve shared goals?
- Taking responsibility and being accountable.
- Who will lead initiatives?
- Operational work
- Interaction
- Relational integration
- Skill set workability (Who gets to do what)
- Allocation of resources
Reflexive monitoring - What are we learning?
- How can our learning inform our thinking and actions?
- Appraisal
- Redefinition
- Refinement