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Table 2 Sessional Staff Role items

From: Modelling job support, job fit, job role and job satisfaction for school of nursing sessional academic staff

1. I identify my own professional development needs
2. I actively engage in formal and/or informal professional development in learning and teaching
3. I am familiar with, and keep up to date with, policies and procedures that affect my work
4. I am aware of institutional student support such as academic skills programs, counselling, and disability services.
5. I receive ongoing formal and informal feedback from the unit coordinator, peers and students
6. I am aware of my roles and responsibilities as a sessional staff member
7. I critically reflect (with myself and/or with others) on students’ learning, my teaching, and my professional development as a teacher
8. I provide ongoing feedback to my department and unit coordinator
9. I participate in, or contribute to, institutional/department/unit events and activities
10. I am aware of opportunities in my school/university to gain recognition and reward for my contribution to quality teaching and learning.
11. I am aware of departmental websites, learning management systems, discussion fora, and email
12. I maintain regular and timely communication with my unit coordinator, department, and human resources.