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Table 1 of the Characteristics of Participants

From: Phenomenological study: the experiences of patients with nasopharyngeal cancer after undergoing chemoradiation

Participants Gender Age Education Years of diagnosis nasopharyngeal Cancer Religion Job
P1 Female 37 Junior High School 2016 Moeslem Traderers
P2 Female 61 DIPLOMA 2016 Christian Retired
P3 Female 18 Senior High School 2016 Moeslem Student
P4 Female 39 Junior High School 2013 Moeslem Traderers
P5 Male 37 Senior High School 2017 Moeslem Laborers
P6 Male 52 Junior High School 2014 Moeslem Neighborhood chief
P7 Male 61 Diploma 2016 Christian Retired
P8 Female 48 Magister 2017 Moeslem Lecturer
P9 Male 44 Senior High School 2015 Moeslem Neighborhood chief
P10 Male 35 Senior High School 2015 Moeslem Laborers
P11 Male 49 Senior High School 2016 Moeslem Laborers