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Table 2 Absenteeism and Work Performance among Nurses with and without Burnout

From: A cross-sectional study exploring the relationship between burnout, absenteeism, and job performance among American nurses

 Burnout N = 218No Burnout N = 399Unadjusted odds ratio (95% CI)1
Absenteeism due to person health in last month, No. (%)
 0 days155 (78.7%)327 (85.8%)reference
 ≥1 days42 (21.3%)54 (14.2%)1.85 (1.25–2.72)
Work performance in the last month,a No. (%)
 High performer77 (36.8%)262 (66.2%)reference
 Medium performer76 (36.4%)96 (24.2%)2.69 (1.82–3.99)
 Poor performer56 (26.8%)38 (9.6%)5.01 (3.09–8.14)
  1. a Based on work performance score on the World Health Organization Health and Work Performance Questionnaire. Individuals with self-ratings of 9 and above are considered ‘high performers, self-ratings of 8 are considered ‘medium performers,’ and self-ratings of 7 or lower are considered ‘low performers’