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Table 3 Overview of results

From: “How do we use the time?” – an observational study measuring the task time distribution of nurses in psychiatric care

Task categoryTotal time measuredAverage, work dayAverage, taskInterruptions, frequency§
Medication tasks22 h 42 m1 h 24 m15 m 39 s75%
Indirect care20 h 43 m1 h 17 m3 m 42 s16,7%
Direct care19 h 46 m1 h 13 m8 m 21 s0%
Ward-related tasks14 h 37 m0 h 54 m7 m 15 s28%
Professional communication14 h 19 m0 h 53 m17 m 33 s20,4%
Social12 h 3 m0 h 45 m9 m 31 s6,6%
In transit8 h 19 m0 h 31 m
Documentation6 h 10 m0 h 23 m10 m 0 s127%
Training/Supervision5 h 27 m0 h 20 m18 m 10 s28%
Telephony4 h 34 m0 h 17 m2 m 55 s1%
Other0 h 48 m0 h 6 m5 m 56 s0%
  1. Average total time for an eight-hour work day; Average time per task within the category; §How often the nurse on average is interrupted while the task is being performed, in percentage