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Table 2 Content Areas Specific to Medical Cannabis (n = 6)

From: “Guarding their practice”: a descriptive study of Canadian nursing policies and education related to medical cannabis

ItemsFrequencya (%)
Dosing and creating effective treatment plans for patients using medical cannabis1 (16.7)
Similarities and differences between dried cannabis, other forms of cannabis products, and prescription cannabinoid medications2 (33.3)
Health Canada’s Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations Program2 (33.3)
Laws and regulations surrounding the medical use of cannabis in Canada4 (66.7)
Safety, warning signs and precautions for patients using medical cannabis2 (33.3)
Alternative routes of administration of medical cannabis2 (33.3)
Mechanism of action of cannabis (endocannabinoid system)4 (66.7)
Potential risks of using cannabis for medical purposes3 (50.0)
Potential therapeutic uses for cannabis3 (50.0)
Other (please specify)1 (16.7)
  1. aRespondents could select more than one option