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Table 1 Geneva Canton health data (Excerpt adapted from [31])

From: Public health nursing education viewed through the lens of superdiversity: a resource for global health

Health indicatorsMigratory statusGenevaSwitzerland
Proportion of individuals with a (very) good self-assessed state of healthNon-immigrant84.786.7
1st & 2nd gen. Immigrants82.783.1
Proportion of individuals with serious limitations in activities usual for othersNon-immigrant5.34.1
1st & 2nd gen. Immigrants5.64.3
Proportion of individuals with symptoms of depressionNon-immigrant12.26.7
1st & 2nd gen. Immigrants13.511.8
Proportion of individuals with poor social supportNon-immigrant9.77.9
1st & 2nd gen. Immigrants14.713.7
Individuals affected by pollution at workNon-immigrant42.547
1st & 2nd gen. Immigrants54.250.5
Proportion of individuals suffering from physical stress at work (painful or tiring postures, lifting or moving heavy loads, lifting or moving persons)Non-immigrant12.213.3
1st & 2nd gen. Immigrants19.522.1
Proportion of individuals suffering from emotional fatigue at work (burnout)Non-immigrant20.617.6
1st & 2nd gen. Immigrants24.321.9