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Table 2 Students’ perceptions of the Entry to Practice Facilitator’s behaviours on a Likert scale (1 = strongly disagree; 5 = strongly agree)

From: Supporting Australian clinical learners in a collaborative clusters education model: a mixed methods study

ItemMean (± s.d.) (n = 128)
Successfully orientated me to the health facility/service, staff and emergency procedures4.4 (± 0.9)
Encouraged active learning using critical thinking4.5 (± 0.7)
Helped me achieve my learning objectives.4.4 (± 0.8)
Promoted the integration of on and off campus learning in relation to key learning concepts and new learning material.4.4 (± 0.8)
Assisted me to create and develop effective communication strategies in the clinical environment.4.4 (± 0.8)
Encouraged me to contribute to the clinical assessment process.4.5 (± 0.9)
Scale average4.4 (± 0.7)