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Table 4 Qualitative critical review analysis of Nierenberg et al., 2018 [50]

From: Incorporating oral health care education in undergraduate nursing curricula - a systematic review

Critical appraisal checklist
Qualitative study
SQ 1. Are there clear research questions? Yes
SQ 2. Do the collected data allow one to address the research questions? Yes
1. Is the qualitative approach appropriate to answer the research question(s)? Yes
2.Are the qualitative data collection methods adequate to address the research question(s)? Yes
3.Are the findings adequately derived from the data? Yes
4.Is the interpretation of results sufficiently substantiated by data? Yes
5. Is there coherence between qualitative data sources, collection, analysis and interpretation? Yes
Overall quality score* 1.0
  1. *Overall quality score: Studies met all assessment criteria scored one and studies met fewer criteria scored less than one