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Table 1 Themes and sub-themes as facilitators of adherence to treatment guidelines [26]

From: Factors facilitating trained NIMART nurses’ adherence to treatment guidelines: a vital matter in the management of TB/HIV treatment in South Africa

Sub-theme Category
1.1 Positive attitudinal needs 1.1.1 The need for improved accessibility to the development and implementation of TB/HIV treatment guidelines
1.1.2 The provision of motivation, support and supervision to NIMART trained nurses
1.1.3 The adaptation of NIMART trained nurses to practice change
1.1.4 The improvement of knowledge and awareness
1.2 Positive behavioural change 1.2.1 The organisational-structural changes
1.2.2 The availability of the user-friendly guidelines
1.2.3 The anticipated patient responsiveness to the treatment guidelines