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Table 1 Independent Outcome Variables from the Survey

From: Determinants of nurse job dissatisfaction - findings from a cross-sectional survey analysis in the UK

Measured Outcomes
Demoralised Y_N I felt demoralised after my last shift
Understaffed Y_N This was based on reported planned number of RNs for that shift
SupportY_N I was provided with the appropriate support and supervision
MissedCareY_N Due to the lack of time I had to leave necessary care undone
Action_RaisedConcernY_N Was action taken after you raised concerns
OvertimeY_N Did you work overtime
TakeBreakY_N Were you able to take a break
Overtime Paid/Unpaid If you worked overtime, was it paid
Agency Staff Ratio Proportion of Agency RNs was calculated by dividing number of agency staff by total number of RNs on shift
Number of Patients Self-reported number of patients that you cared for during your shift.
Sickness absence Was there high absence due to sickness
Patient to Nurse Ratio Number of RNs and number of patients during a shift