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Table 3 TPB constructs based determinants of hand hygiene

From: Exploring determinants of hand hygiene among hospital nurses: a qualitative study

The main categories Sub-categories Initial codes
Attitude: overall sense of like or dislike of a behavior Behavioral beliefs ▪ The belief to the behavior
▪ Good feeling and satisfaction after hand washing
▪ To prevent from infection transmission
▪ To Reduce the use of antibiotics and drug costs
▪ To reduce costs and increase hospital income
▪ Safety of employees
▪ Residence and hospitalization of patient in hospital
▪ To control drug-resistant infections
Evaluation of behavioral outcomes ▪ Valuing for self-health
▪ Valuing for the health of others
▪ The importance of family health
Subjective Norms: have to do with the most important people in one’s life who believe one must or must not show a certain behavior Normative beliefs ▪ Supervisor’s emphasizes to Hand washing
▪ The effect of Doctor’s believes to Hand washing
▪ Hand washing must begin from the top (management level)
▪ The influence of others in hospital
Motivation to compliance ▪ Hand washing must begin from the top (management level)
▪ The influence of others in hospital
Descriptive norms ▪ Effect of behavior by physicians
Perceived Behavioral Control:
people’s perceptions of their ability to perform a given behavior
Control beliefs ▪ Negligence and laziness
▪ Crowded wards and high workload situations
▪ The impact of emergency situations
▪ Insufficient number of personnel
▪ Lack of concentration due to lack of time
Perceived power ▪ Possibility of adherence at the crowded situation
▪ Possibility of adherence in every circumstances