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Table 4 Some Other Determinants of Hand Hygiene (Out of TPB Framework)

From: Exploring determinants of hand hygiene among hospital nurses: a qualitative study

The main categories Sub-categories Initial codes
Environment Supervision &Monitoring ▪ Law
▪ Continuous controls
▪ Cultivation of hands and reflection to personnel
▪ The institutionalization of monitoring
▪ Supervision and monitoring
▪ Pressure
▪ Obligation Service personnel to hand hygiene
Reinforcement ▪ System of rewards and punishments to motivate
▪ Encourage writing
▪ Verbal encouragement
Cues to Action ▪ Poster in sight
▪ Reminders
▪ More advertising (LSD)
Availability & Accessibility ▪ Availability of sink
▪ Qualities and aromatic liquid soap and Hand rub and paper
▪ Appropriate dryer
Preferences ▪ Qualities and aromatic liquid soap and Hand rub and paper
Modeling & Observational Learning ▪ According to the head nurse and professor at hand washing
▪ Benchmarking and being model for others
Perceptions Outcome expectations. ▪ Preventing from infection.
▪ Residence and hospitalization of patients in hospital
▪ Control treatment resistant infections
Perceived barriers ▪ Skin dryness (lack of suitable lotions and liquid soaps)
▪ The destruction of Nails (Washing too)
▪ Forget hand washing
Education Awareness and Education Patient Education
▪ Training to along patient
▪ Instill the importance of behavior to personnel
▪ Education through the media
Organizational Culture Organizational climateSense of participation and cooperation ▪ Effect of organizational climate on the individual
▪ Induction of the importance of Hand washing for staff
▪ Patient participation in hand hygiene programs
▪ Culture of hand hygiene (Organization)
Salience The importance of behavior ▪ Insensitivity to the issue
▪ Mental priorities
▪ Failure to understand the importance of hand hygiene
Life Style Habit ▪ Initial training of family
▪ Make a habit of washing hands
▪ Culture of hand hygiene (family and community)
Personality Personality characteristics ▪ Regulatory and being obsessive
▪ Having a strong character person
Morality Conscience and ethics ▪ Conscience and morality
▪ The responsibility for others and humankind
▪ Neglect and indifference