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Table 3 Onsite selection methods of assessing cognitive-academic abilities

From: A scoping review of admission criteria and selection methods in nursing education

Name of type of the selection/developer Items
Standardized tests
 SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test)
Grossbach & Kuncel 2011 [41], Jarmulowicz 2012 [43], Stuenkel 2006 [30], McGahee, Gramling and Reid 2010 [35]
Verbal, math
 ACT (American College Test)
Elkins 2015 [60], Grossbach and Kuncel 2011 [41], Jarmulowicz 2012 [43], McGahee et al. 2010 [35]
English (reading, writing), math, natural science, social science
 TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills)
Bremner et al. 2014 [55], Harner 2014 [56], Hernandez 2011 [39], Newton & Moore 2009 [34], Newton et al. 2007 [31], Wolkowitz & Kelley 2010 [36]
Reading, mathematics, science (life science, earth science, physical science, human body science), and English language usage
 HESI (Health Education Systems Inc)
Hinderer et al. 2014 [57], Underwood et al. 2013 [51]
English: reading comprehension, vocabulary & general knowledge, grammar.
Math: Basic math skills.
Science: biology, chemistry, anatomy& physiology, physics
 HSRT (Health Sciences Reasoning Test)
Pitt et al. 2015 [59]
Total critical thinking skills, analysis, inference, evaluation, deductive reasoning and inductive reasoning.
 NLN (National League for Nursing)
Crouch 2015 [61], Stuenkel 2006 [30]
Not stated in the articles. From NLN website (2017): Verbal–Word knowledge and reading comprehension. Math –Basic calculations, word problems, applied math. Science–General biology, chemistry, physics and earth science
 NET (Nurse Entrance Test)
Herrera 2012 [44]
Math skills, reading comprehension
 NDRT (Nelson-Denny Reading Test)
Lajoie 2013 [50]
Vocabulary, reading comprehension, reading rate.
 WGCTA (Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal)
Crouch 2015 [61]
Critical thinking
Other selection methods
 Literacy and numeracy test
MacDuff et al. 2016 [62]
Literacy and numeracy skills
 MMI (Multiple Mini Interview)
Gale et al. 2016 [6], MacDuff et al. 2016 [62], Perkins et al. 2013 [47], Timer & Clauson 2011 [8]
Cognitive attributes: numeracy skills, literacy skill, decision-making skills, problem-solving skills
 Nationwide Entry Exam
Dante et al. 2011 [40], Lancia et al. 2013 [49]
General education, mathematics, logic, biology, chemistry, physics
 Onsite student selection processes: Interview
MacDuff et al. 2016 [62]
Cognitive attributes: problem-solving