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Table 1 Semi-structured interview guide

From: Registered nurses’ experiences of providing respiratory care in relation to hospital- acquired pneumonia at in-patient stroke units: a qualitative descriptive study

As a RN with the primary responsibility for patients suffering from acute stroke admitted to the unit:
• What are your experiences of nursing care for this group of patients?
• In your experience, which specific nursing care needs, in relation to other patient groups, do this group of patients have?
• In your experience which are the most common complications among this group of patients?
 A) If hospital acquired pneumonia is described probe further in relation to nursing care for this group of patients.
 B) If the RN not give hospital acquired pneumonia as one of the most common complication in this group ask specifically:
• What are your spontaneous thoughts about hospital acquired pneumonia in relation to this group of patients?
• What are your experiences of working with preventative nursing care in regards to hospital acquired pneumonia?
• What type of nursing interventions do you think could be implemented to prevent hospital acquired pneumonia?