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Table 1 Question areas and interview questions

From: Salutary factors and hospital work environments: a qualitative descriptive study of nurses in Sweden

Question areas Example of questions
1. Job satisfaction ▪ What does job satisfaction mean for you?
▪ What makes you feel good at work? Can you give some examples?
▪ Can you describe what a good day at work looks like?
2. Professional role ▪ How do you see your professional role as a nurse? What does it mean to you?
▪ Are you proud to be a nurse? In what way are you proud to be a nurse? Describe!
3. Job engagement ▪ What motivates you to go to work? Explain!
▪ What drives you to do a good job? Explain!
▪ How do you think the organization is affected by increased engagement among employees? Describe!
4. Belonging in the workplace ▪ What does belonging at work mean for you? Describe!
▪ What do you think an increased belonging at work leads to?
▪ How do you think the organization is affected by an increased belonging in the work among employees?
5. Working conditions and factors for remaining in the profession ▪ What factors have made you want to start working as a nurse? Describe!
▪ What significance does your free time, family and friends have for your work as a nurse? Describe!
6. Opportunities for learning and development in workplace ▪ How do you learn in your work? Describe!
▪ What do you learn in your work? Describe!
▪ Are there other people who influence your learning at work? If yes, describe in what way?
▪ What opportunities are there for you to develop and make a career in your current work situation? Describe!
7. The professional role in the future ▪ How do you see your work and your professional role in the future? In two years, in five years, in ten years?
▪ What new knowledge will nurses need in the future, do you think?