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Table 1 Interview guide, Interview guide for focus group discussions and key informant interviews with practicing nurses.

From: Clinical teaching of university-degree nursing students: are the nurses in practice in Uganda ready?

Pleasantries 1. Hello and how are you?
2. Thank you for agreeing to be part of this interview.
Central Question Please describe perception regarding your readiness for the clinical teaching of the BScN students?
Supporting and Follow up Questions 1. Please describe your experience in teaching or supervising student nurses in the clinical area during your professional practice.
2. In your opinion, how different do you expect clinical teaching of BScN students to be from that of the lower level student nurses?
3. What barriers or challenges do you perceive that can affect clinical teaching of BScN students at ARRH?
4. What do you suggest should be done to ensure good clinical teaching of BScN students at ARRH?