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Table 1 Demographic characteristics of nursing students in intervention and control groups

From: Simulation-based mastery improves nursing skills in BSc nursing students: a quasi-experimental study

Demographic characteristics Mastery learning intervention Common learning group p-value
age μ ±SD
μ ±SD
P> 0.05*
Mean semester 16.4±1.55 16.01±2.03 P>0.0
Passed unites 93.25±0.84 93.16±0.57  
Female N =38 (71.96%) N=39 (73.07%) P>0.05
male N=15 (28.04%) N=13 (26.93%)  
Native N=43 (81.13%) N=42(80.7%) P>0.05
Nonnative N=10 (18.86%) N=10(19.3%)  
  1. *Qui square