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Table 2 Hospitalization first-day and daily assessment for older adults with constipation (n = 247)

From: Management of constipation in long-term care hospitals and its ward manager and organization factors

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n (%)n (%)n (%)n (%)
First day of admission assessment
 The ability to sense the urge to defecate110(46.8)101(41.4)68(27.9)75(30.7)
 Medical history of laxative use167(69.9)156(63.9)62(25.4)26(10.7)
 Abdominal mass64(26.9)38(15.6)143(58.6)63(25.8)
 Bowel sounds60(25.2)39(15.9)140(57.1)66(26.9)
 Fecal impaction19(8.0)7(2.9)49(20.0)189(77.1)
Daily assessment
 Frequency of bowel movements243(99.2)244(98.8)2(0.8)1(0.4)
 Time of bowel movement77(32.6)62(26.2)62(26.2)113(47.7)
 Amount of stool165(67.9)166(67.8)63(25.7)16(6.5)
 Abdominal mass83(34.7)25(10.2)188(76.7)32(13.1)
 Bowel sounds88(36.7)25(10.2)192(78.0)29(11.8)
 Stool consistency147(61.5)119(48.8)104(42.6)21(8.6)
 Stool consistency (using the BSFS)59(24.9)58(23.5)12(4.9)177(71.7)
  1. Note: Missing data were excluded from this analysis and percentages for each item were calculated after excluding missing values. Abbreviations: BSFS Bristol Stool Form Scale