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Table 2 Main telehealth project objectives

From: Designing a multifaceted telehealth intervention for a rural population using a model for developing complex interventions in nursing

Aim 1: Demonstrate cost effectiveness of using telehealth services.
 Sub-aim 1A: Decrease re-institutionalization of TBIW and ADW participants
 Sub-aim 1B: Decrease the number of emergency department and urgent care visits
 Sub-aim 1C: Decrease the number of hospitalizations
 Sub-aim 1D: Evaluate the amount of telehealth services utilized
Aim 2: Increase quality and safety of home and community-based services through the use of telehealth services.
 Sub-aim 2A: Evaluate participant and provider satisfaction with using telehealth services
 Sub-aim 2B: Increase care coordination for physical and mental chronic illness care using telehealth services
 Sub-aim 2C: Increase access to primary care providers through the use of telehealth services
  1. TBIW Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver; ADW Aged and Disabled Waiver