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Table 2 Categories, Subcategories, and Codes Extracted from the Interview Analysis

From: Social justice in health system; a neglected component of academic nursing education: a qualitative study

Core Category Subcategories (1) Primary concepts Open Codes
Social justice; a neglected component of academic nursing education Insufficient educational content Lack of attention to the issue of social justice in nursing curriculum Deficiencies in academic courses provided on nursing ethics
Deficiencies in academic courses provided on professional rights
Insufficient attention to social determinants of health in education
Lack of educational courses on culture-oriented care
Insufficient attention to the topic of community-based care
Discontinuity in presenting courses on ethical values Presenting ethics course only for Bachelor’s program
Failing to present ethics course for nursing students at all programs
Failing to adequately repeat the discussed ethical topics presented to nursing students
Allocating most nursing courses to medical issues and clinical care Putting unnecessary emphasis on biological health factors
Allocating a large number of courses to medical issues
Focusing educations on clinical care
Limited competency of educators Insufficient capabilities of educators in teaching social justice issues Insufficient knowledge of educators about ethical values
Insufficient experience in teaching social justice issues
Insufficient experience in social justice due to lack of regular attendance in clinical and social settings
Inappropriate value perspectives of educators in developing social justice Discussing social justice issues based on personal beliefs
Placing little importance on professional ethics
Believing that nurses cannot play an effective role in justice promotion
Inappropriate education approaches Focusing on traditional education approaches Use of teacher-based approaches in teaching ethical issues
Concentration on lecturing approach
Rare use of group discussions in teaching ethical issues
Weakness in using affective learning approaches Ignoring students’ attitudes towards the issue of social justice
Paying less attention to changes occurring in students’ behaviors following an educational course
Failing to prepare a proper scenario for teaching ethical issues
Paying less attention to self-awareness and self-reflection techniques
Failing to encourage students to improve their critical thinking skills