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Table 2 Categories, Sub-Categories and Sample of Quotes

From: A qualitative study of Ghanaian pediatric oncology nurses’ care practice challenges

Categories Sub- Categories Sample of Quotes
Administrative constraints ➢ Time-consuming care.
➢ Lack of teamwork.
➢ Inadequate logistics.
➢ Work stress.
➢ Reduced labour force.
“How do I manage my time? The problem is often not me; it relates to the manner of the oncology nursing care too. Many of us had experienced staying at the hospital even after our shift ended. I am often compelled to come to the hospital during my day-off. I feel it may be related to the time-demanding nature of oncology care. I feel that my colleagues in other hospital wards usually do not experience this problem” (P3).
Personal constraints ➢ Low knowledge level.
➢ Perception of contracting cancer.
➢ Low Job motivations.
“I remembered my first experience with a child who was diagnosed with bleeding Retinoblastoma. I had to battle with lots of thoughts such as: Do I have to put pressure on the eye a little bit? So how often was I going to be changing the dressing and how am I going to be giving the morphine? how to even maintain the dressing was a problem.” (P1)
  1. Authors Construct (2020)